Deryl Sweeney Testimonial

“I can still remember the moment having a son with cystic fibrosis became real.  The tests were done, the results were in, leaving my wife and I devastated.  Neither of us had ever known anyone with cf, or had any idea what was involved in caring for our newborn son.  Thankfully, we were blessed by the McKee family and their organization 2 Lungs 1 Fight, who stepped in to walk with us early in our journey.  Providing support, supplies and fellowship, they have become an important part of our lives and our fight.  With their help, we’ve gone from feeling alone and confused to feeling uniquely prepared to join the fight to cure cf.  Jarrod, Heather and the entire McKee family are an inspiration and a blessing to all of us.”

- Deryl Sweeney II, Louisville, KY

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